Women Affair Ministry collaborates with NPC, NOA to sensitise on COVID-19, birth/death registration

National Population Commission (NPC) in collaboration with three other bodies, has organised a one-day sensitisation and advocacy campaigns in Adazi-Nnukwu, to stress the need for birth and death registration.

The organisations are the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Ministry of Women and Children Affairs with support from UNICEF.

The event was held at Oganiru Age Grade Hall, Adazi-Nnukwu, Anaocha Local Government Area (LGA).

Participants include heads of villages, Church leaders, men, women, Youth leaders and Town Union Leaders.

State Director, NPC, Mr Okwuchukwu Ulazi explained that the training was in line with Federal Government’s measures at ensuring that all births and deaths and assessed with ease.

Mr Ulazi told them to always ensure that births and deaths were recorded immediately they occur by relevant authorities.

Mr Ulazi urged the participants to help in sensitising and educating the people on the need for birth registration with NPC.

Anambra State Director of NOA, Mr Charles Nworji, sensitising participants on COVID-19 told them to always imbibe the knowledge and skills they gathered to contain the virus in their various organisations and villages.

“Coronavirus can be transmitted through small droplets from the nose or mouth that are spread when an infected person coughs or exhales.

“People can contract COVID-19 by touching objects, shaking of hands, embracing or being in close contact with infected persons,’’ Nworji said.

Participants were urged to educate people on need for hand washing frequently, with soap under running water and to use hand sanitisers frequently.

“You must wear your face masks and stay at least two meters away from each other; avoid crowded places, always cough and sneeze in your curved elbows and avoid touching surfaces.’’

Mr Nworji also advocated for good personal hygiene by consuming fruits and vegetables frequently to boost body immune system.

Director, Child Development, Ministry of Women Affairs, Mrs Nkechi Anazodo, told the participants that implementation of the child’s rights Acts as enshrined in the law would be appreciated now.

Parents, according to her will educate their girl-child on proper dressing, sex education and always encourage them to speak up when any advances are made to them.

“Such reports are the key word and the people will be encouraged to always speak up in case of any violence, to the nearest Police Station or the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

“Reports can also be made at the `No To All Sexual Assault Incidence (NTASI) Centre at Enugwu-Ukwu General Hospital set up by Gov. Willie Obiano administration.

“In cases of rape, do not clean the victim, report to the Police or the centre within 72 hours of the incident to ascertain proof and for proper preventive treatments,’’ she advised.

Mrs Anazodo urged religious leaders among them to incorporate information gathered at the seminar in their sermons and to ensure that infants to be baptized would be registered with the National Population Commission. (MOI)


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