Formula-One grid girl left in a coma after going blind in one eye and suffering kidney failure

A Formula One grid girl, Khloe Atkinson, who hails from the U.K, is in a coma after diabetes made her go blind in one eye and suffer kidney failure.Khloe, 32, lost sight in her right eye in February and a week later she had kidney failure forcing her to be placed in an induced coma at the Royal Stoke University Hospital earlier this month.

Speaking to Stoke-on-Trent Live, she said: “Diabetes does run in the family – my dad, brother and grandparents all have it.I was diagnosed at the age of 21 and at that age all of my friends were going out partying, drinking cocktails and I didn’t want to miss out.But diabetes is a silent killer and it kills your organs without you knowing. I put my contacts in one morning after going to the gym and my vision was blurred as if I was looking through frosted glass.

“I just presumed I’d put them in incorrectly so I went home to get my glasses and then when I put them on my sight didn’t change.After an emergency appointment I was diagnosed with Macular edema and now have no sight in my right eye and partial sight in my left.About a week later I went to the doctors because I had been experiencing intense headaches and nosebleeds. I saw my GP at 10am one morning and at 8.30pm he called to say I had been playing on his mind and he thought I should seek emergency treatment.

I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with kidney failure. My kidneys are now functioning at 8% and I’ve been put on dialysis until I can find a donor.”Khloe used to spend her days fire breathing, angle grinding and stilt walking in her role as a part-time model in Formula one.
She has also worked on shows such as The Real Housewives of Cheshire and as a grid girl for Honda and Formula 1.

But she has retired due to her health condition and says it’s “heartbreaking” not being able to do what she loves most.Khloe added: “It’s been really tough and the diagnosis hasn’t quite sunk in.”I’m a part-time model and a grid girl and I love it, it’s not like a job. You get to stand looking glamorous, but I don’t feel like that now.”It’s heartbreaking, I’ve been a professional dancer since the age of 18 and appeared on different TV shows and now I’ve got a tube hanging out of my belly. It’s frustrating because I’ve always worked.”

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