Health commissioner receives external auditors from UNICEF

Anambra State Commissioner for Health, Dr Vincent Okpala has received external auditors from United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).Dr Okpala said the spot check visit by the Bakertilly Consultants was highly commendable when he received them in his office at the Jerome Udoji Secretariat Complex, Awka.

He noted that the group’s spot check visit to the health ministry would help in evaluating the ministry’s transparency and accountability regarding UNICEF support in the healthcare sector.It is for the reason of checking our transparency, accountability that informed your visit.If we keep doing things in the right way, governance will be stronger and the health system will be better structured and better enabled.So, your visit is welcome and good, and I cherish it because we need to know where we are going wrong and where we are doing right.

We will be glad to support you in order to get your job done.’’He assured them that Dr Afam Anaeme; State AIDS Programme Coordinator was a competent person and would also assist.The commissioner commended them, urging them to let him know in the areas they need his help in order to get their job done.Dr Anaeme explained that the external auditors’ spot check was an annual event to check documentations with respect to UNICEF’s support to the ministry.

Mr Charles Nwanyanwu, UNICEF Bakertilly Consultant, commended the commissioner for granting them audience, which would enable them to brief him about their activities in his ministry.Mr Nwanyanwu said that they were in the ministry to carry out spot checks and to study the documentation process and account records of projects executed.

We want to ensure that there is adequate documentation in all the transactions of UNICEF as far as the ministry is concerned.There is what we call Implementing Partners (IP) we want to look at the records. We also have periodicity, that is, a timeline for a particular project to be carried out.Maybe it is quarter 1, which means the project must be completed and everything about it between this time and this period.

So, we want to look at the records in order to ensure that those projects are actually carried out at the appropriate time they supposed to be carried out.’’
He noted that at the end of the exercise an external report would be made available to the commissioner.

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