NFL Helmet Tributes to Include Full Names of Police Brutality Victims, Pics Show

When, and if, the NFL returns … THIS is what many of the players’ helmets will look like — names like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor emblazoned on the back.
TMZ Sports obtained a few of the mocked-up images the league plans to release shortly … confirming a report players would be able to honor victims of social injustice.

The images show the full names of victims like Floyd, Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Botham Jean. When Front Office Sports first mentioned the plans for these decals … most people probably expected initials or some sort of commemorative sticker, but these images show the plan is to make the tributes wayyyy more prominent.

We’re told the NFL will also roll out a new catchphrase … “It Takes All of Us” … which will be painted across the back of the end zones.NFL Commish Roger Goodell has recently said the league is focusing on social justice initiatives — and working with players to help make an impact.Now, all we need is for NFL players and personnel to stay SAFE from COVID so we can see these new helmets in action.

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