Johnny Depp trial: no verdict likely until September, but for his and Amber’s reputations, the damage is done

With Johnny Depp’s libel trial against a British tabloid coming to a close, the long wait begins for a verdict — which hinges on whether the “Pirates of the Carribean” actor beat his ex-wife Amber Heard — that won’t come until September at the earliest. Held in Britain’s High Court, the high-stakes trial pitted two celebrities against each other and devolved into a mudslinging match, with each side hoping that more incriminating grime would land on the other party at the end. Amber, along with her sister, claimed that Depp was a drug-addled abuser, while Johnny’s team countered that in fact his ex-wife was the abusive one, and not to be trusted. The verdict will establish whether the court believes that The Sun tabloid was justified in calling Depp a “wife beater” in a 2018 article.

The outspoken British TV personality Piers Morgan penned an editorial in the Daily Mail in which his verdict on the case was that Johnny Depp and Amber are a shockingly mutually self-destructive pair.I think we’ve all consumed enough lurid, gruesome details from the case over the past 16 days to reach our own verdicts on the movie star and his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.

“Even by Hollywood standards, it has revealed a shocking litany of allegations,” Piers notes before ticking off some of the more stunning details that emerged from the court proceedings.

“The charge sheet of claims and counterclaims about their booze-sodden, drug-fuelled fights featured partially-severed fingers, ‘faked’ or real bruises, hair-dragging, ‘disco bloodbaths’, vodka bottles thrown like grenades, phones being ripped off walls, names written in blood on mirrors, dogs dangled out of car windows, tampon applicators used to snort cocaine, accusations of affairs and threesomes with billionaires and other stars, kicking on planes, and constant foul-mouthed abuse towards each other,” Morgan marveled.

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