Kanye West’s VP Pick Back Online with Revamped Site, No Mention of Campaign

Kanye West’s self-proclaimed running mate — though she’s yet to confirm this herself — has returned online with her “spiritual coaching” site … but gives no indication she’s campaigning for West/Tidball 2020.

Michelle Tidball was name-dropped by Kanye as his VP pick in his Forbes interview — following his surprise July 4 announcement that he’s running for Prez — but very little was known about her … and her website got yanked shortly afterward.

As we first told you … Michelle’s site, Yarash.org, touted her as a “Biblical life coach” but also included some odd takes on mental health — such as doing your dishes and making your bed to combat mental illness.The Yarash site is back up, and though it’s been revamped and edited … it STILL doesn’t mention anything about Kanye, being his Veep, or anything political at all really.

Instead, the site is gussied up with new animated graphics, an autumnal color scheme, Hebrew-style font, and tighter copy … but features her same smiling portrait.Michelle’s old teleconferences and Bible study sessions — where we discovered her mental health advice — have been taken down. Her bio has been toned down quite a bit too … but she’s still advertising 50-minute life-coaching sessions for $65.The Wyoming woman recently stated Kanye was doing “fine” and there was nothing to worry about … amid his erratic behavior and wild Twitter rants, but she dodged any VP talk.

She said she’d be releasing a statement soon as well, but so far … all we got is the website relaunch. We reached out for more … so far, no word back yet.

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