COVID-19: We observe 99% of pandemic rule, says Electronics chairman

Chairman, Electronic Dealers Association (Electromat), Mr Izuchukwu Okoye says every trader in the market is keeping to guidelines as stipulated by Anambra State Committee on COVID-19 pandemic.Mr Okoye, who was represented by Vice-Chairman of the association, Mr Cletus Kama made the declaration in his office during an interview with newsmen.Marketers have shown a high level of compliance by adhering strictly to the rules of the pandemic.

We observe the rules 99 per cent; each and every shop in the market has buckets of water with bottles of liquid soap and alcohol-based hand sanitisers.At the point of entry into the market, people who do not put on their face masks are restricted from entering the market by our market taskforce.The markets are often sensitised every Wednesdays during our prayer sessions on the importance of observing the measures by our Public Relation Officer, Mr Ikechukwu Onwuama,” he said.

He applauded the state Government on its efforts in the fight against the deadly virus.The Electromat Peace Committee Chairman, Mr Tony Nwakwudo, who represented the market at a seminar held at Ekwueme Square, Awka, said that he was proud of his people.Mr Nwakwudo, who is also the Chief Task force Officer, noted that Electronics Markets were rated 85 per cent in compliance among the 63 markets that participated in the seminar on measures to curb spread of the virus.

The rating was carried out during a visit by members of Anambra State Amalgamated Traders Association (ASMATA), who monitor all the markets in the state.Defaulters were usually apprehended for an hour, after which they were sent to obtain and wear their face masks,’’ Nwakwudo added.Mr Emmanuel Ifechi, a trader commended the chairman for his efforts to contain the spread of the virus by providing 3,000 face masks, 1,000 alcohol-based hand sanitisers/buckets.Mr Okoye has also provided thermometers for checking people’s temperature.”Mr Ifechi, then, lamented the poor daily sales as a result of the increase in the price of dollars.

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