If You Have Stomach Ulcer, Please Stop Eating These Foods

Stomach Ulcer can be very painful and uncomfortable, I know some people that suffer from it. When I was in secondary school, my class mate once fainted due to Ulcer. It is better to avoid Ulcer entirely, because it is not easy to cure.

Even though foods are not a 100percent cause of stomach ulcer, there are actually some foods you eat that makes ulcer pains worse, and can also delay healing of the ulcer you already have.

It is better you know the right food to eat as an ulcer patient, not everything is good for your body. Most of the food you eat actually makes your situation worse. See some of the food an Ulcer patient should stop eating below;

1. Avoid food that has alot of pepper, just like pepper soup, indomie, suya, if you want to cook these just reduce the pepper.

2. Avoid taking too much Milk, it is bad for ulcers patients. It causes your stomach to create acids that would make ulcer pains worse.

3. Avoid Soft drinks(Minerals)

4. Avoid food that has much fat in it, like all these junk food, because it creates bloating and makes this will worsen your.

5. Tomatoes also contain some acid that can worsen pain.

6. Please instead of eating Roasted corn, cook the corn instead. Roasted corn is hard to digest and it can injure the ulcer lining.

7. Avoid too much salty food.

8. I know you love Chocolate, but it can cause acid reflux and makes ulcer worse.

9. Beans is the worst, it can worsen the pain and even cause heartburn. Instead of eating porridge beans, just cook Moi moi instead.

10. Do not take coffee, it makes the ulcer pain worse.

11. Avoid all these Citrus fruits just like: lemon, lime, oranges, grapes, and even tangerine. They make the Ulcer worse and slows healing.

12. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking.

Thanks for reading, if there is anything wrong in the post, correct me through the comments. Please follow me for more interesting and educative articles. Kindly share this article so other ulcer patients can see it, save a life.

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