Here’s Why Dora Will Likely Get a Strike or get Evicted

Following the Big Brother Naija Show lockdown edition, there’s been a lot of Queens of highlight.

In the midst of them all, one has stood out because of her magnificent possession of an appealing set of boobs which she is graceful enough to review without any hunch of restrictions.

She is no other than Dorothy.

Biggie has constantly asked ladies to go and change their outfits if they show up on revealing outfits for their Diary session.

On regular occasions, he had asked Nengi and Erica to go and change.

Dora’s outfits are always gorgeous except for a healthy dose of boob action.Her Diary Session just begun then Biggie says “Dorothy, you have 30 seconds to change your outfit and return to the Diary Room.”

She goes out and appears on her BETWAY t-shirt.

Her outfit which is truly revealing might cause her to get a strike if she doesn’t change.

As we all know, Dorothy has kept a great relationship and personality so far int the house.

I’m sure her fans won’t love to see her leave.

We hope she won’t be evicted anytime soon.

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